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This is our Swing More case. The official trailer, packaging, logo and banner design for ProjectSAM’s ‘SWING MORE’!  Their latest virtual instrument for Kontakt.

The trailer takes place in New York in the 50s, at that moment when the sun goes down, the stars pop up and the jazzy tunes slowly take over the city.
Sit back, pump up your speakers and join our jazzy notes in to the night.
Jazzy tunes slowly take over the city..
Nothing is more important for an animation video, than a well thought out pre-production phase.
The artists create different styles in consultation with the entire animation team.
As the project progresses, we shaped and crafted the world where this jazzy adventure took place.  
Below you can see some of the steps we had to take, to reach our final destination.

Case study & artwork

  • Credits
    Client: ProjectSAM Production: Whoohoo Creative Director: Stef Holtz (WhooHoo) Design: Joery Verweij, Jeroen Peter (Whoohoo) Animation: Bas van Bergen, Niels de Fouw, Ruud Kouwenberg, Stef Holtz (Whoohoo) Music and Sound Design: ProjectSAM
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