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Maple seeds with a story...

Our goal was simple. Create thousands of maple seeds that are carried by the wind and place them in four beautiful commercials.
But in the early stages of production we realised that the seeds needed a bit more than just realism. They needed a touch of narrative and life to tell the complete story.
To create the right mood throughout the commercials, we manipulated a lot of shots. We replaced skies, changed color palettes and added a lot of twirly maple seeds! Next to that, we created full CG animations that match the overall look and tone of the live-action footage.

Why would you invest in renewable energy? Meewind participants are telling their story.

Meewind - Making Of VFX

  • Credits
    Client: ProjectSAM Production: Whoohoo Creative Director: Stef Holtz (WhooHoo) Design: Joery Verweij, Jeroen Peter (Whoohoo) Animation: Bas van Bergen, Niels de Fouw, Ruud Kouwenberg, Stef Holtz (Whoohoo) Music and Sound Design: ProjectSAM
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