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For nearly one year, Whoohoo’s whole team was living in a world of cheese. As we created almost all digital content for the Gouda Cheese Experience. A fun, unique and interactive experience to celebrate the Home of Gouda.


Creating an immersive story throughout the experience with our 3D character Cheese Master Ralfie. Providing content for every area in the experience.

This includes an 8 meters wide and 150 degrees curved 4K opening film, a historical animated video projected on a big cheese, milk waterfalls, 4 x 72inch circular screen tasting animations and many, many more!

A world

of cheese!


We created the Ralfie character in honour of Ralf. One of the creators of the Gouda Cheese Experience that sadly passed away before the experience was built.

With world building we created the world around him. From the "cheesy" design of every seat and sofa to the smallest tiles on the wall. Every design was carefully created in cheese harmony.

Case study & artwork