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Clipper Tea
In collaboration with creative agency "BUUTVRIJ for life" we created 21 fun and cheesy Clipper tea animations.
Clipper Tea is a fair-trade, bio, English tea brand with 100% natural ingredients. A lovely package with the heart in the right place. How do you impact an overflowing tea market with a story that long? The big idea: Every reason to love Clipper tea will never fit into one commercial. That’s why we made dozens of videos with a lot of cool facts to pass on.

This 100% online campaign put Clipper on the map in the Netherlands with huge results.
A market share of 4,4% became 7,8% at Albert Heijn. This made Clipper the third best selling tea brand!
What's your reason to love Clipper tea?
Client: CLIPPER tea
Agency: BUUTVRIJ for life
Animation: WhooHoo!
Sound design: Audentity
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