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TheMerge asked us to help them out on this super soft spot for Brooks Running.
With their Brooks Ghost 12, it doesn’t matter how hard you run is! You’ll always land comfortably.
With WhooHoo’s set supervision and compositing work we gave Brooks’ runner, all the time he needed, to tell us about their DNA Loft technology.
Check out this super comfy spot.

Ready to take a

leap of comfort?

  • Credits
    Client: ProjectSAM Production: Whoohoo Creative Director: Stef Holtz (WhooHoo) Design: Joery Verweij, Jeroen Peter (Whoohoo) Animation: Bas van Bergen, Niels de Fouw, Ruud Kouwenberg, Stef Holtz (Whoohoo) Music and Sound Design: ProjectSAM
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