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Bijenkorf - Maffe Marathon

De Bijenkorf is a chain of high-end department stores in the Netherlands, with its flagship store on Dam Square, Amsterdam.
For the Maffe Marathon Campaign we collaborated with BigShots and Selmore. Providing a wide range of CG elements and visual effects for the entire campaign.
In the early stages of pre-production we worked on the storyboards and animatics for the commercial. Also all visual effects and set supervision is credited to WhooHoo!
For both the online and offline campaign we provided Selmore with 3D print, banner, web-ad and game designs.
  • Credits
    Client: ProjectSAM Production: Whoohoo Creative Director: Stef Holtz (WhooHoo) Design: Joery Verweij, Jeroen Peter (Whoohoo) Animation: Bas van Bergen, Niels de Fouw, Ruud Kouwenberg, Stef Holtz (Whoohoo) Music and Sound Design: ProjectSAM
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