This tiny world, makes the complex logistics that goes in to e-commerce delivery, look easy!

This campaign consisted of web assets, social edits and four main films (01:27) for the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain and France.
Special thanks to Kumpany and Bettermatter, who approached us for this brand activation concept for their client B2C Europe.


A miniature world, made out of packaging material.


Work in Progress

Some of our work in progress images.


Director: Stef Holtz
Technical Director: Bas van Bergen Compositing: Ruud Kouwenberg Concept: Joery Verweij, Stef Holtz
Storyboard: Joery Verweij

Modelling: Fabio Steltenpohl
3D: Bas van Bergen, Ruud Kouwenberg, Stef Holtz

Sound Effects & Mix: Sander Houtman (Studio Xander)

Gina Mellotte (English)
Femke van der Veen (Dutch)
Gloria J. (Spanish)
Ségolène Bouët (French)

Kumpany + Bettermatter
Commercial Director: Jasper Admiraal
Director: Floris Kruijer
Producer: Soetkin Verbeek

B2C Europe
Commercial Director: Martijn van der Geer
Global Marketing Manager: Denise Snel